Designer Glasses Frames - Discover Your Best Choices

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designer eye glasses for womenDesigner eyeglass frames are a great way to add a sophisticated look to any wardrobe but the process of picking out a pair that will make you look your best can be a daunting task. This is why it pays to shop at a reputable eyeglass store. Although many eyeglass stores have counter staff that can offer an opinion, quality optical outlets can offer something even better to help narrow down the selection – trained fashion consultants!
Matching Customers with Their Best Choices for Designer Glasses Frames
Trained fashion consultants can help match customers with their best choices based on a myriad of details; everything from current trends in designer frames to the shape of the face and everything in between:
  • Current trends: The trends in designer glasses frames depend on the season but rest assured that the trained fashion consultants at quality optical stores do realize that glasses, even if they are purchased at a discount, are still an investment and won't recommend a designer frame, no matter how trendy if it does not look right.
  • Face shape: Staff is trained to determine the shape of the customer's face and suggest frames that will help achieve a balanced look. This may sound easy but no face is an ‘exact shape' so it's always best to have an impartial and educated opinion on picking the most suitable glasses.
  • Pairing frames with wardrobe: Pink frames may look great when worn in the store but how well suited are they to a customer who has a wardrobe dominated by reds? The colour and even the texture of frames are an important item that should be considered in relation to a person's wardrobe and shopping at a high quality eyeglass store can ensure that this is an important detail that won't get overlooked. Trained fashion consultants can give an expert opinion on frames that will complement a person's individual style, not dominate it.
  • Suitable Lens: The most important part of a pair of glasses is the function and trained staff at the best optical outlets can provide the customer with glasses to suit their needs, not just their style, by being knowledgeable about the most appropriate lenses and lens coatings.
In Addition to Trained Fashion Consultants, Look tor Optical Outlets That Offer the Following:
  • Experience – Does the store offer more than forty years' worth of industry knowledge?
  • Selection – Are there a wide range of fine fashion frames for the customer to pick from?
  • Deals – Does the store offer various promotions to offer their customers savings and competitive pricing?
  • Superior Customer Service – Is there fast service like one hour, while you wait or same day service? Can the store claim an above average percentage of happy and satisfied repeat customers?
  • Convenience – Are there many locations to visit?
  • Peace of Mind - Does the store provide guarantees against accidental breakage or damage?
  • Complete Eye Care Needs – Are there products and services for all their customers' eye care needs like eye exams, prescription glasses and sunglasses, high definition lenses, contact lenses and safety eyewear?
Add a sophisticated look to any wardrobe effortlessly by taking advantage of a quality optical outlet for designer glasses frames today!